How Many Steaks Can You Get From A Cow?

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We all have eaten a beefsteak at some time in our lives. It is tasty and in many countries quite expensive, while there are numerous ways to cook it! However, most of us do not really know from which parts of the cow these steaks are cut and how many can a cow actually produce!

Adding to that, there are really many kinds of steaks that are taken from several parts of a cow’s body. Which brings us to the following queries: How many steaks can you get from a cow? and, which are the best breeds of bovines for that purpose?


What Determines The Number Of Steaks?

First of all, we can calculate the approximate number of steaks a cow of 1200 lbs can give. It is a wild dream to believe that when you see a very large cow you will have a ton of steaks. The weight of the steaks you‘ll get will be no more than about 220 lbs! Check below to find out why:

  1. Not everything is Steak

When the time arrives for the cow, you will find out that in order to get your well-cut steaks, you will have to separate them from other parts of its body. In an average cow, you will get a 750-pound carcass. Bones will be about 100 pounds and fat will be 150 pounds on a carcass. You will be left with approximately 500 pounds of meat, meaning 40% of a cow’s weight.

  1. Size Matters

As you can imagine, especially after reading the previous lines, if a cow is bigger, there will be a bigger number of steaks as well. The size is important for the quantity but if you are searching for quality, take a look below.

  1. Age Matters

When a farmer decides to slaughter a cow, they do it when they are steers or heifers of 18-24 months of age. This is the period they produce the best quality meat with the required tenderness. Nevertheless, lately, some companies also sell meat from older cows, because of their rich flavor which is created by the larger amount of fat.

  1. Different Breeds, Different Steaks

Breeds are quite important in the selection of steaks. There are some which produce more in numbers and better in quality. The reason behind that is the big amount of muscles in their bodies and the less fat they have than others. By the way, legumes like clover assist in the amount of protein which is essential for good muscle building – you can find more info here.

  1. Butcher qualifications

If you have 500 lbs of meat from a cow and you want to know the number of steaks you will cut, you will also have to determine the size of the pieces of the steaks. If you cut larger pieces, then they will be less in number. Simple mathematics! In addition, to get the best outcome, it must be someone who knows how to do it best.

Kinds Of Steaks

As we already said, 500lbs of meat is what you‘ll get from an average cow. But how many steaks? Actually, this number will be split in two. You will get half the lbs in steaks, and half in ground beef used in different cooking and processing methods. Meaning, you will get about 150-180 steaks, depending on the cuts you‘ll make! Now, Let’s check the types!

Chuck7-Bone RoastArm Pot RoastBlade RoastUnder Blade Pot RoastChuck Pot RoastChuck Eye RoastMock Tender RoastShoulder petite tender medallionsShort RibsFlanken Style Ribs  Chuck Pot Blade SteakShoulder Top Blade Steak
RibRib Roast Large EndRib Roast Big EndRibeye RoastBack RibsRibeye Steak (no bones)Rib Steak Small End
Loin, Short Loin, Strip LoinTenderloin Roast Top Loin SteakT-Bone SteakPorterhouse SteakTenderloin Steak  
SirloinTri-Tip RoastCoulette Roast Sirloin Steak Flat BoneSirloin Steak Round BoneTop Sirloin SteakTri-Tip Steak
Brisket & ForeshankBrisket WholeBrisket Half CutShank Cross Cut  
RoundBottom Round RoastEye Round RoastBoneless Rump RoastTip Roast Round SteakBottom Round SteakTop Round SteakTip Steak
Plate & Flank  Skirt SteakFlank Steak

The Best Cow Breeds For Steaks

The cows that are used for their meat are called Beef Cows. These are usually steers or heifers and are 18-24 months old. You will discover that they are also expensive and if you are interested in buying one, take a look over here. Which are the best ones, though?

  1. Angus

Black Angus or Red Angus are some of the most popular beef cows. They are considered to deliver the best steaks since they have the right amount of muscles. Also, they have the best marbling, meaning the fat between the meat, which achieves the perfect flavor and tenderness.

  1. Hereford

Hereford is a bovine that also offers high-quality meat. It provides protein, iron, and Vitamin B and it is very tasty. It is very expensive and quite beneficial to breed. Moreover, it is not found everywhere in the world but mostly in the United Kingdom.

  1. Charolais

Charolais cattle come originally from France and are very well-known in the U.S.A. as well. They are very large animals and they usually produce a bigger amount of meat than others. In addition, the flavor will not let you down!

  1. Wagyu

The Chinese Wagyu beef is famous because it is believed to be the best one on the planet. It has an amazing flavor, more fat than usual (which makes it tastier), and is very tender. Also, it has more omega-3 and omega-6 fats that are very good for the human organism.


 Eventually, we can safely say that we can take out many steaks from cattle. However, compared with the original weight of the cow, the steaks seem to be a lot less than they should be. Finally, maybe the number is not as important as the quality after all, especially when working in the farm industry!

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