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When you have to handle your cattle, finding the best cattle prod is not an easy case. Apart from the fact that there are many devices which are not made for cattle, you also have to be aware of the rules in order to use them properly and with safety, for both yourself and the animal! 

So, why use a prod when there exist many restrictions? You will find out below that there are some reasons to do so. With the big number of different products out there, which one is really the best cattle prod for your situation?


Reasons To Use Cattle Prod

While you might come across opinions against using electric prod, there are some important reasons you might need to use it. It is crucial to know how to use it so that you will not put yourself and your animal in danger. For now, we will refer to why electric cattle prod might be a good pick for you.

  1. A better way to handle the cattle

Cows and bulls are large animals. When you want them to move in a specific direction and you come across a stubborn animal, it is normal to want to have a way to get the result you are looking for. A cattle prod helps to move the herd and to handle them in any situation. It also assists when you have agitated or angry cattle in your hands, because using the prod will calm it down.

  1. Use against predators

Cattle prods are often used by dog owners to protect their pets from stray dogs’ attacks. The same thing can happen to a cattle owner. There are many predators out there and when your cows might be attacked by them, you will be able to defend them with the electric prod. It will scare any animal away and will keep your cattle safe.

  1. Easy to use

Most of the electric cattle prod out there are pretty easy to use. They have ergonomic designs, handles are easy to grasp and they are light in weight. Moreover, they are long enough so you can use them from the right distance, without putting yourself in danger.

How To Use A Cattle Prod Properly

As you might already have assumed, in order to use a device with electricity, you have to be aware of all the rules on how to operate it. There are specific instructions from Animal Care committees that are pretty enlightening on using it with safety.  It is only logical to not want to hurt yourself or the cattle, so pay attention below.

  • Before delivering the first shock, you must try to move the animal just by tapping it with the stick of the prod. It might move and you will not have to use electricity.
  •   Most prods have a switch that defines the intensity of the electricity. Always use the low voltage instead of the high one, to avoid hurting the cattle.
  • Never use an electric cattle prod on a wet animal. It will increase the intensity of the shock and the animal will be hurt.
  • You must always use it on the rear plank or the upper leg. They will feel enough pain there to move. Do not use the prod on other parts of the body, for example, the face or the genitals.
  • Use it only on large animals. When a calf is young, you can move it by yourself instead of using a prod. If you use it on it you will stress it for no reason.
  • The shock should be instant and last only for one second. It is enough to handle the cattle.
  • It is important to use a cattle prod when the cow has a place where she can move. There must be a path to where you want her to go.
  • Do not use it when you have a crowded herd. It will only make the cattle bump on one another and endanger their health.
  • Electric prods are for stubborn animals or when you might be in danger yourself. If your cattle are calm, you can find other means to handle them.
  • Have patience. Touch the cattle once with the prod and wait until it calms down. Don’t shock it repeatedly because you will stress it and it will be afraid or even agitated.
  • Finally, after you have tried the cattle prod some times, evaluate its assistance and the results it has on the cattle.

The Best Cattle Prod To Buy

After deciding to buy a cattle prod and learn how to use it, there is a big selection out on the market of such products to choose from. We have found the top 7 prods, which have specific qualities needed for the job. It is in your hands to pick the best cattle prod for your animals!


Product Name

Editor's Rating


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1. West Thorne Pro Livestock Prod

3144F0dmGwS. SL75

2. Electric Prod Hot Shock

318N1H2lTvL. SL75

3. WUPYI Electric Prod Hot Shock

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4. Livestock Prod Electric Animal Prod

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5. M.Z.A Livestock Prod

Top 7 Cattle Prods Review

1. West Thorne Pro Livestock Prod

41sPm2qDcjL. SL500

If you are looking for sturdiness, West Thorn Pro Livestock Prod might just be the best pick for you. It is made from metal and plastic, it has quite a big length (33.8 inches) and its battery voltage is 8.4V. Although metal can be heavy, this one weighs only 1.7 pounds and it appears to be very easy to use.

In addition, you can store it easily since you are able to remove the stick from the handle. The current is low, so your cattle will not be in danger while it is shock and moisture-proof with a safety switch, an advantage that keeps you protected as well. To add more to that, it has a led light to use in the dark and a rechargeable battery.

On the other hand, while checking the reviews, it appears to lack in longevity and packaging. In many cases, it lasted not more than two months, and there appeared to be some problems with the parts of the product. Also, some came without a charger and the instructions were in another language.

2. Electric Prod Hot Shock

3144F0dmGwS. SL500

Another long electric cattle prod with great potential. Electric Prod Hot Shock is made from high-quality plastic (ABS), which makes it moisture-proof and a safe choice for a farmer. It also has a low current and the proper electrical conductivity to not hurt your animals.

This prod also has a safety switch and its battery voltage is 8V. It must be charged daily though, which is not necessarily a drawback. The battery is rechargeable and it lasts for a long time. People who tried it on cattle witnessed that the shock is exactly the amount needed to make them move.

If we check the disadvantages, it also might just stop working after using it not more than 4 times. Also, there is no charger in the package and no light if you want to use it at night time.

3. WUPYI Electric Prod Hot Shock

318N1H2lTvL. SL500

WUPUI Electric Prod is another example of a good product and a big help for cattle owners. Its battery voltage reaches 8V and it needs only one lithium battery that has a large capacity and is rechargeable. It might not be as long as the previous ones but the handle seems to be very easy to grasp.

When it comes to safety, it is made of high-quality plastic, which makes it shockproof and there is a safety switch as well. Moreover, the handle is detachable, so it can be stored and it has great longevity since the material is quite durable.

Every product has its bad sides, and this one is no exception. In many instances, the prod didn’t work at all from the beginning and the company wasn’t very cooperative with clients’ complaints. Something that caught my eye and is important was that it wasn’t powerful enough to get the cows moving.

4. Livestock Prod Electric Animal Prod

41tz14eivJL. SL500

Livestock Prod has a great length, maybe the ideal one. It is 34,25 inches and is made from great material that makes it waterproof, shockproof, and quite light and easy to use. Not only is it durable, but it is also easy to grip and it has a double switch for extra protection.

Another key to remember is that it has a led light with a separate switch. Rechargeable batteries, great instructions to follow, great electrical conductivity, and low current are qualities that make it a fine choice for a farmer.

There are not many drawbacks to this one. There was one case that didn’t work from the beginning, but it could be just one.

5. M.Z.A Livestock Prod

31ntWVLJ3QL. SL500

Now, this is a really long prod of 41,3 inches! This one is made from high-quality engineering plastic which should give it a waterproof element. There is a plastic cover on the on/off switch to provide protection for the farmer.

This electric prod is easy to carry since you can disassemble it, and the plastic is lighter than metal. Its conductivity is low and will do no harm to your cows!

M.Z.A prod requires 4 batteries to work which are not rechargeable. This would apparently increase the cost, but it isn’t the only disadvantage. There are problems with the manufacturing quality of the product and it might not be powerful enough for cattle.

6. Animal Electric Prod

The size of Animal Electric Prod seems to be very good at 33,75 inches. It is waterproof and shockproof as well since fine quality plastic is what it’s made from. You can figure that it is easy to grip when you see it and it has rechargeable batteries.

In addition, you can store and carry it since you can detach the two pieces. There is a safety switch for extra protection and the output is strong enough to persuade the cattle to move when you want them to.

A great drawback for this product is that it comes without instructions. Now, many other products don’t need them, but this one needs a certain procedure to make it work at the beginning. The reason why many people reviewed it negatively was that they couldn’t turn it on!

7. Pet & Livestock HQ Hand Held Cattle Prod

51cTAWofZlL. SL500

Pet & Livestock Prod is a very different device from all the others. It is actually a small, hand-held product that can be very helpful in small spaces. Sometimes, having something simple might be just the right solution for a farmer.

Since safety is a big deal when someone handles this kind of device, this prod might be small but effective on that matter. It has a safety switch and needs 4 batteries to work. Moreover, its high quality and new technology help even if the cow is wet. It will not cause an aftershock to the animal. This cattle prod is actually a prod you can carry easily in your pocket!

On the other hand, carrying it easily doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. It is small and it can be used only in closed spaces. This way it might put you in danger if you are that near to the cattle!

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Buying Guide

Before purchasing the best cattle prod on the market, you have to be aware of how to choose the right one! There are some prerequisites you must think about in order to do the right pick!

Safety for you

The material of the prod should be waterproof and shockproof. Also, a safety switch will protect you from accidents!

Safety for cattle

Make sure that the conductivity is proper and the current is low. You don’t want your cattle to be overstocked with burned skin and other consequences.

Right Length

Always pick an item when you know where you want to use it. There are many different lengths out there and you will find the one which is easier for you to use.


You always have to weigh quality and cost. By saying that, I mean that you can find a product at a good price, but with low quality. This depends on your financial potential, but there is a middle solution most of the time.


Most of the prods have the right amount of voltage to make your cattle move but not hurt them. Nevertheless, you must always check the voltage and if the electric prod is for cattle.


Never forget to read the reviews on any product you consider buying. You will learn a lot of details from other users about the function of the prod and the company which sells it.


When you use a prod, it will be better for it to have rechargeable batteries. It will reduce the cost and by charging it you will be able to use it daily without running to the store to buy new batteries every time!


  1. Can I use the electric prod on other animals than cattle?

There are certain types of prods for certain types of animals. Some electric prods are only for livestock, meaning pigs, goats, cattle, etc. It is not recommended to use it on dogs or other domestic pets although it can drive away stray aggressive dogs.

  1. Is the cattle prod painful for the cows?

No, it is not that painful. They only feel a little shock which is enough to startle them and make them move in a certain direction. Nevertheless, the contact time should be just one second, or the animal’s health might be in danger.

  1. How often should I charge the prod?

It all depends on how often you use it and on each specific prod’s battery capacity. Some need charging once per day and others once a month!

  1. What happens when the cow does not respond to the prod?

If you touch her once with the prod and she doesn’t react, it means that the voltage is not strong enough. On the other hand, if the cow is very nervous after the contact, you should let her calm down and not use the prod on her for a second time.

  1. Will I have a problem if the ground is wet or the day is rainy?

It is normal to believe that you might be electrocuted or cause an electric shock to the cow on wet ground, but if the prod is waterproof, you have nothing to be afraid of. Let’s note here that most of them are.

  1. How can you understand that it’s working?

Well, you do not need to zap an animal to figure if it’s working! It will possibly make a noise when it is turned on and you can try it on a piece of metal to see if it produces a spark.

  1. What happens if I hold the button which is used to create the shock?

Nothing at all, it will not increase the intensity of the shock. But you’d better do it when it is not touching the cow!


All things considered, which is really the best cattle prod to buy? All you have to do is check the buying guide and the product reviews and you will answer the question. There are many good and decent products to choose from and maybe the best one for you is the one that meets your personal needs.

However, as you can presume there is one of them which appears to have many fine qualities and I would recommend it. Livestock Prod Electric Animal Prod is the first one on my personal wish list. It is light in weight, waterproof, and has the proper length. This prod is made from durable material and it will have long service.

Another key thing to remember is that the current is low and proper. Also, the cherry on the cake is the led light and the double safety switch. I would recommend this one as the best cattle prod to buy since it just ticks all the boxes for me!

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