Best Chicken Plucker Reviews of 2021

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Have you ever dreamt of having a backyard roast without your mouth being full of feathers and the chicken being grill-ready in a few seconds? Well, turn your dream into a sweet reality! Get your hands on one of these babies and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning those chicks by hand! 

Say goodbye to messy de-feathering processes and torn skins by buying the best chicken plucker in the market. No more tired fingers, damaged birds and time-consuming techniques! 

This handy guide will assist you in ensuring you get nothing but the best.Give your birds the perfect scald & treatment for the cleanest, featherless result in the end! 

Give those fingers a rest, pop a soda and scroll on!

ImagesProducts Name Our Rating Price
41Rkd0dBWML. SL751. Yardbird 21833 Chicken Plucker
4.8/5Check Price
41kMdrusICL. SL752. KITCHENER Chicken Plucker
4.7/5Check Price
3. SUPERHANDY Poultry Feather Plucker:
4.6/5Check Price
412w4 6wptL. SL754. RICHO chicken plucker
4.4/5Check Price
5. Buffalo Tools Sportsman Chicken Plucker
4.2/5Check Price

The market’s competitive and the decision; tough when it comes to purchasing a chicken plucker. 

However, wehave handpicked the top monster machines& chicken plucker reviews that will make your decision a walk in the park!

1. Yardbird 21833 Chicken Plucker

Thisheavy-duty monster is an elite choice when it comes to plucking machines. With a powerful 1.5 HP motor & 300 RPM force, this versatile machine can de -feather a variety of birds such as: Ducks, Geese, and Waterfowl.

Not only that but this state-of-the-art contraption with it’s powerful torque, cleans the birds in mere seconds! Talk about efficiency! 

Special Features: 

  • A state-of-the-art mechanism that separates the feathers, dust and grime into a chute to make cleaning up easier. 
  • 110 rubber fingers to pluck feathers andavoid breaking bones & decapitation 
  • Ball-bearings attached to easily transport it. 
  • 20” diameter tub. Easy accommodation for two large birds. 
  • Saves time compared to manual plucking. Takes about 15 seconds.
  • GFCI protects user from electric shocks.



2. KITCHENER Chicken Plucker


A top-of-the-game investment when it comes to mass defeathering. The powerful 1.2 HP motor is a game-changer when it comes to plucking birds. This champion can pluck all sorts of game-birds in under 30 seconds!

With a wide tub and gentle, rubber fingers, it can accommodate up to 3 heavy birds for quick plucking! Reliable design and low-noise machinery, this is an elite innovation.

Special Features:
  • Sturdy Tripod design stabilizes the machine while it is powered on. Compact & waterproof steel body ensures easy transportation.
  • 92 soft, rubber fingers gently massage the feathers off the carcass without harsh tears in the skin. 
  • Guarantees 2-4 carcasses being defeathered flawlessly if properly scalded.



3. SUPERHANDY Poultry Feather Plucker:

Have you ever wanted to have a good roast without doing the dirty work? This super handy poultry feather plucker has got you covered! Built for commercial use, this monster has a 20” drum and 92 thick fingers to get those feathers and the residual fluff off your catch. The 1.2 HP motor spins efficiently to clean up to 2 carcasses in under 20 seconds! It truly is a game changer. In addition to that, it is compact,  easily transportable and even compatible with various AI systems!

Special Features:

  • Robust design built for easy transportation with 3 legs and two wheels.
  • Corrosion resistant & waterproof  stainless steel parts
  • Compact design for easy storage.



4. RICHO chicken plucker

A powerful 2 HP poultry feather plucker with 106 individual rubber fingers, this is a champion when it comes to removing feathers and hair from: Chickens, Pheasants, and Quails.

Built from the best, stainless steel materials it ensures longevity and resistance to rust and corrosion so you’re safe from electric shocks and other malfunctions.

Special Features:

  • 1500W power with a chicken epilator to remove hair and fluff and give a smooth, clean carcass. 
  • Includes built-in water hose and moving wheels for additional efficiency. 
  • Commercial grade motors and high-quality steel walls 



5. Buffalo Tools Sportsman Chicken Plucker

This efficient ¾ HP Poultry feather locker is one of the best when it comes to cleaning your chicken. Adapted with 114 individual 2” fingers it gently removes all grime from your bird and prepares it perfectly to be roasted. 

Included with a 90 day warranty, this is a top contender when it comes to poultry feather removers. The small but wide drum size allows it to be easily transported and to accommodate about 2-4 small birds.

Special Features:

  • • De-feathers a variety of birds with thick down such as duck and goose.
  • • Efficiently removes all fluff in under a minute
  • • Easy transport with 2 attached wheels.



Buying Guide:

Purchasing a machine as large as a chicken plucker needs a lot of careful research and inspection. You need to consider some important aspects before buying. Here, we have compacted all the factors that you need to look over to buy your machine!


First and foremost you need to check the wattage and HP of the motor attached. It should be enough to support a good spinning torque so your carcass can be de-feathered without stopping. 

Good motors support:

  • 1.5 HP
  • 1.2 HP

Motor parts need to be zinc coated and rust-resistant. This will determine the time it takes to de-feather a whole carcass. Usually time is about 15-30 seconds.

Slow motors will work however they usually slow down the process or stop working all together and impact the quality of your chickens. Birds are at danger of having torn skin or sliced heads.

There should be a warranty involved for easy return if the products aren’t satisfactory.


In order to accommodate 2-4 carcasses, the tub needs to be thick-walled and built of quality stainless steel that is water and weatherproof along with corrosion-resistant. Make sure you are specific about the diameters and widths of your machine.

They should be large enough to put in at least 2 birds but narrow enough to fit in your garage.

It should be a large tub and strong as well so it doesn’t decapitate large birds. Favourable sizes are:

  • 20”
  • 15”

Thick-walled tub are a benefit as they last a long while. Stainless steel material is also a bonus as it is often weather and waterproof. 


Large machines must be attached with ball-bearing wheels for easy transport. 2 wheels for small runs while 4 wheels for bigger ones are suitable. 

Lightweight materials are a bonus when it comes to large machines like these so you can lug them around anywhere without a lot of hassle.


You need to ensure that the size of the machine is compact and can easily be stored in your garage or backyard without taking up too much space.

If you’re purchasing it for commercial purposes, make sure the size is enough to adjust 2-4 heavy game birds.

Rubber fingers

These fingers gently prod and massage the fluff and feathers off the carcass without tearing the skin or breaking any bones. 

They must be made of rubber and strong enough to withstand force. The more the fingers, the faster the process. 90 to 114 rubber fingers are adequate.

Most fingers are damaged often due to shipment and production faults, make sure you read all reviews regarding their longevity before making a decision. 

You don’t want the fingers to fall in and be found with your bird! 

Feather Chute

In order to make cleanup easy without making a soupy, feathery mess, each machine is equipped with a separate chute for feathers and fluff. After removal all the residue will go down the chute and be collected in a bucket.

It is an advantage if the chute is wide and closed so the feathers don’t fly around and make a mess. It can easily collect in a bucket and be node into compost.

Irrigation ring

It is a handy addition to have an irrigation ring attached rather than manually watering the birds using a hose. 

The irrigation ringwith it’s fast power water pressure can easily clean the remaining, stubborn feathers on a bird or any stuck in the chute. 

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1. What can I do if the machine isn’t de-feathering poultry?

A) You need to make sure the birds are properly scalded before giving them a spin in the machine. Oftentimes the birds get stuck with the motor and a prod is needed to get them to spin again. 

Ensure your chickens are spinning properly before switching machine off.

2. How do I scald poultry properly?

A) Douse them in a hot bath with temperatures ranging from 120-170 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to gauge accurately.

Dunk it up and down with prongs to loosen thick feathers. Repeat for 4 seconds and perform feather-pluck tests. 

Repeat for longer time if its has thick feathers like duck.

3. How does a chicken Plucker work?

A) The spinning power of the machine gives the birds a good spin while the rubber fingers gently prod and remove all the debris, feathers and fluff off. The irrigation ring waters all the trash down a chute and washes the carcass clean.

If there are any feathers left, remove by hand. Usually one or two thick ones are left.

4. What birds can a typical chicken plucker de-feather?

A) Small pluckers can de-feather poultry and game birds including chicken, quail, waterfowl while more efficient one’s can easily handle ducks and goose. Sometimes even a turkey can be easily de-feathered however it will take longer up to 45 seconds.

5) Do the birds bruise bruise while tumbling?

A) If you bled out the birds correctly, they will not be harmed by the machine. It is safe to use and will only remove feathers and fluff.


To sum it up, if you are in the farming industry or just a chicken enthusiast who likes to cook their own catch, this machine is built for you! 

No more elbow grease and messy lawns strewn with feathers, this neat contraption not only removes the feathers from your bird but also collects them in a chute for easy cleanup.

Poultry, game birds and even turkeys can be de-feathered with this awesome machine so give those hands a rest and let the machine do the dirty work. Turkeys, goose, ducks, chickens; the machine can handle all o them with its powerful motor and high wattage.

Purchasing the best chicken plucker is as easy as a walk in the park if you follow our handy guide! 

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