How Much Is The Cost Of A Rooster?

While hens might be very popular among farmers, roosters also are contributing to the flock in ways someone might not imagine! Their prices vary, depending on many factors, and there is a big variety of breeds to choose from.

In this article, we‘ll dig deeper into why you should have a rooster on your farm and what really determines their price.

Moreover, you will learn how to choose the ideal type of rooster for your case, between the best ones existing out there. Most importantly, you will find out how much a rooster really costs!


Why Do You Need A Rooster?

Being a person who has grown up near a farm, I have always given the proper appreciation to the hens which produced our eggs, and sometimes, the meat on the dinner table. I also remember the rooster crowing early in the morning and myself being upset for waking me up. I wasn’t aware though of the benefits of having these proud birds in the flock.

  • A Protector

A rooster will protect his beloved hens and chicks from any kind of predators. They can be from wild animals to even humans. First things first, they will alert the rest of the group when they see a predator. They will also not hesitate to attack people they don’t know, since they are very territorial beings and will sacrifice themselves to save the flock.

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  • A Breeder

Let us set some things straight. Hens don’t need a male chicken to lay eggs. They need them though if they want these eggs to become baby chicks. So, if you have in mind to raise the number of chickens in your flock, you better have a rooster around for fertilization. You must calculate that a rooster can mate with 8-10 hens.

  • A Leader

Leadership means dominance for our feathered friends. When a rooster is present in a flock, it is pretty clear who the boss is. That way, you will avoid fights between the rest of the chickens, since the rooster will keep the order there.

  • A Feeder

As the leaders of the group, roosters will also provide food for the rest of the flock. When they discover a source of food, for example, some worms in the ground, they will call for the hens in order for them to eat. Now, that’s a proper gentleman!

As professional farm owners, we need Chicken Feeders to feed chickens food.

Factors That Determine The Price Of A Rooster

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You‘ve finally decided to buy a rooster, but you need to know about all the information on what you‘ll meet out there at the market. Well, since you made a good decision, I will present to you the things that will play a big role in the prices you will see.

  1. Type

There are two basic types of roosters. The ones you will have in your flock for the reasons we mentioned before, and the fighter roosters. Although chicken fights are forbidden by the law in many countries, you will find out that roosters that have that skill are a bit more expensive than the “simple” ones.

  1. Breed

As in most livestock, prices vary when it comes to different breeds. There are regular breeds and rare ones. Let me go to the edge by giving you an example of the Ayan Cemani breed. It is Indonesian and it has black feathers and skin. It is considered to be the rarest and most expensive breed since it costs $5000 for the pair!

  1. Age

Age is a great factor to consider when you want to determine the price of a rooster. If you buy them as a chick they will be less expensive than acquiring them when they are mature and ready for action. Furthermore, if they are older than they should be, they will be found at lower prices.

  1. Source

The source from where you‘ll get them is important as well. Local breeders will sell them to you at lower prices than if you get them online. Also, let’s note here that you might even get them for free if you have a friend who has too many in their flock and wants to give away some.

How Much Does A Rooster Cost?

Now, answering the main question of this research is something simple and complicated at the same time. As you can see, there are many prerequisites if we want to specify the cost of a rooster. Nevertheless, there are some basic prices we can point out.

  • Baby Chicks will cost $3 – $5! We must take into consideration here the fact that even the breeder might not be sure if they will be males or females, since it is hard to find out.
  • Mature Roosters will cost $5 – 30$! They are cheaper than hens since they cannot produce the most important product, the eggs.
  • Simple Fighter Roosters will cost up to $100. However, when the breed is rare the price will be higher.
  • Rare Breeds cost up to $2500, while the medium price for rare fighting roosters will be about $300.

If you think that a rooster can live even up to 15 years, you must also add the cost of raising and keeping them. Vet bills, feed, and the proper chicken coop are the basic expenses you will need to consider!

Although you do not need that much for the feed (about $25 per month), you must estimate that some unexpected things may happen and a vet will be necessary.


It is an undeniable fact that a rooster will bring only good vibes to your chicken coop. There are many advantages to having them and they are not as expensive as egg-laying hens.

The best advice is to just buy a rooster to mate with the hens at first, and then raise your own male chickens! All things considered, these guys bring balance and protection to your flock, and, considering their low price, acquiring one might be a very good choice!

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