Chicken Breeds with Mohawks

Discover a unique side of poultry with chicken breeds sporting Mohawks. These chickens flaunt a distinctive hairstyle akin to the punk rock era, adding a dash of personality to the barnyard. From their eye-catching feathers to their friendly demeanor, Mohawk chickens are more than just birds—they’re charming companions for any poultry enthusiast.

In this article, we’ll delve into what makes these breeds special, exploring their unique features and why they’re cherished by backyard farmers and collectors alike.


What Defines a Mohawk Chicken?

Mohawk chickens are defined by their unique crest of feathers on their heads, resembling the hairstyle known as a Mohawk. This feature sets them apart from other chicken breeds, giving them a distinct and stylish appearance.

Characteristics of Mohawk Feathers

Mohawk chickens typically have feathers on top of their heads that stand upright. These feathers can be large and poufy, forming a crest that adds height and flair to their overall look. The feathers are often more prominent and dense than the flat combs in many other chicken breeds.

Variations in Mohawk Appearance

While all Mohawk chickens share the characteristic crest of feathers, there can be variations in size, shape, and color of these crests. Some breeds may have crests that are more compact and tightly feathered, while others may have larger and more loosely arranged crests.

Ornamental Value

One of the primary reasons Mohawk chickens are valued is their ornamental appeal. Their distinctive appearance makes them popular choices for backyard flocks and collections. They add beauty and variety to poultry enthusiasts’ gardens and farms, often becoming focal points of admiration.

Practical Considerations

Despite their ornamental value, Mohawk chickens require the same care and attention as other breeds. Proper housing, nutrition, and grooming are essential for their health and well-being. Their crests of feathers may require occasional grooming to prevent matting and maintain their appearance.

Charm and Personality

Beyond their appearance, Mohawk chickens are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They often interact well with humans and other animals, making them enjoyable companions in backyard settings. Their unique charm and distinctive features make them favorites among poultry enthusiasts worldwide.

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10 Chicken Breeds with Mohawks

Explore these standout chicken breeds known for their striking Mohawk-like crests of feathers. Each breed brings its unique charm and distinctive appearance to the poultry world, making them favorites among enthusiasts and collectors.

1. Polish Chicken

Polish Chicken

Polish Chickens are renowned for their large, poufy crest of feathers that resemble a Mohawk hairstyle. Originating from Poland, these birds come in various colors and are prized for their ornamental value in backyard flocks. Their distinctive appearance and friendly demeanor make them popular choices among poultry enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Houdan Chicken

Houdan Chicken

The Houdan Chicken is a French breed known for its distinct crest of feathers on its head, resembling a Mohawk hairstyle. These chickens are valued for their dual-purpose capabilities, providing both meat and eggs. Houdans are robust birds with a striking appearance, making them stand out in any flock. They are known for their friendly temperament and are favored by poultry enthusiasts for their unique and historical significance.

3. Sablepoot Chicken (Booted Bantam)

Sablepoot Chickens, also known as Booted Bantams, are characterized by their feathered feet and sometimes a small crest resembling a Mohawk. Originating as ornamental birds, they are cherished for their gentle disposition and unique appearance. Sablepoots are ideal for smaller spaces and are favored as pets among poultry enthusiasts.

4. Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Appenzeller Spitzhauben chickens are recognized for their unique forward-pointing crest of feathers, resembling a Mohawk hairstyle. Originating from Switzerland, these active birds are excellent foragers and are known for their hardiness in various climates. Their striking appearance and practicality make them popular choices among backyard chicken keepers and collectors alike.

5. Crevecoeur Chicken

The Crevecoeur Chicken, originating from France, is distinguished by its large crest of feathers that resembles a Mohawk hairstyle. These chickens are known for their all-black plumage and striking appearance, making them stand out in any flock. Valued for their historical significance and ornamental qualities, Crevecoeurs are cherished by poultry enthusiasts for their unique and elegant presence.

6. Brabanter Chicken

Brabanter Chickens are Dutch breeds known for their small crest of feathers that add a touch of elegance resembling a Mohawk. These friendly birds are popular for backyard flocks due to their unique appearance and calm temperament. Brabanters are not only prized for their charming presence but also for their suitability as both egg layers and ornamental birds.

7. Sicilian Buttercup

Sicilian Buttercup chickens are distinguished by their cup-shaped crest of feathers, resembling a Mohawk hairstyle. Originating from Italy, these birds are admired for their unique appearance and good egg-laying capabilities. Sicilian Buttercups add both beauty and practicality to poultry collections, making them popular choices among backyard farmers and collectors alike.

8. Silkie Chicken

Silkie chicken breed

Silkie Chickens are known for their fluffy feathers that resemble fur and often sport a small crest of feathers on their heads. These gentle and docile birds are prized as ornamental chickens, cherished for their unique appearance and friendly nature. Silkies are popular among poultry enthusiasts for their calm demeanor and suitability as pets in various settings.

9. Sultan Chicken

Sultan Chickens are distinguished by their large V-shaped comb and feathers crest resembling a regal Mohawk hairstyle. Originating from Turkey, these birds are known for their friendly temperament and unique appearance, making them a favorite among poultry enthusiasts. Sultans add a touch of elegance and charm to any flock, appreciated for their ornamental value and historical significance.

10. Sumatra Chicken

Sumatra Chickens, originating from Indonesia, are characterized by their slender build and often a small crest of feathers resembling a Mohawk. These birds are known for their glossy black plumage and historical significance, adding an exotic and striking presence to poultry collections. Sumatras are admired for their beauty and are valued by enthusiasts for their unique appearance and resilience.


Chickens with Mohawks bring a unique charm to poultry enthusiasts worldwide. From their striking crests of feathers to their friendly personalities, these breeds add color and character to any backyard flock. Whether kept for their ornamental value, egg-laying capabilities, or simply as pets, Mohawk chickens are cherished for their distinctive appearance and endearing qualities. As you care for and enjoy these special birds, you’ll find that they enhance your poultry collection and bring joy and fascination to your farm or garden.

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