Best Fan for Chicken Coop

Imagine a group of people cramped up under one space with no air circulation. It will suffocate you, won’t it? Similarly, when you have a large flock hoarding under one shed, you must provide a chicken coop with adequate ventilation.

Chicken coop ventilation fans are there to terminate the hot air and circulate purified air within the housing for a healthy atmosphere. To keep out ammonia levels and excessive moisture from the dugout, it is vital to have the best fan for chicken coop to circulate fresh air. 

A healthy and well-ventilated house is what your chickens deserve; therefore, we present you with some of the best fans to keep the two-legged creatures lively.


7 Best Fan for Chicken Coop

There are many different kinds of chicken coop fans available in the market. From straight wall-mounted exhaust fan to solar-powered table fan. We will take a look at some of the variants and decipher why these fans are ideal for your pet house.

1. ZUZZEE Solar Powered Fan Mini Ventilator

If chicken breeders are searching for a portable fan, this ZUZZEE unit is one hell of a performer. The size of this fan is what makes it fit on most chicken houses. It is small (8.27’’x0.39’’x8.27’’) and can be taken from one place to another without any hassle.

It is a solar-powered USB fan. The installation is pretty easy on the go due to its USB system. Just connect the fan board to the solar panel, then let the panel sit under the sun to work its magic.

This can be used in different circumstances, for example, you can install it on pet houses, dog houses, greenhouses, camping, and traveling cars like RVs. 

This product is for the ones who are environmentally conscious and need a portable device. We love that this product has a solar power capacity to provide emission-free and renewable energy. 


  • All utilities in one package, like solar panel, alligator clip, etc.
  • Solar driven power provides clean renewable energy
  • Multi-purpose use, for pet houses, touring cars, etc.
  • lightweight design makes it easy to carry around
  • Easy to install using a simple USB setup


  • Fan doesn’t work in dim light
  • Weak air circulation in indoor spaces


41j5zE5SRML. SL500

This SEDDEX solar fan is a table fan model made for chicken coops, dog houses, other outdoor structures, and even indoor use. 

The packaging comes with a single 5w solar panel and a 4-inch mini iron fan. This fan can be put up fairly easily. This fan can be put on the ground or on heightened structures to provide cool airflow.

In the summer months, keep the humidity at bay and let the Seddex fan give you the best pet aeration. Not only for animals, you can take this vent fan on your camping tour RV and also put it in your greenhouse.

We love this fan structurally. No need for wall mounts if you are someone who wants a fan that can stand up anywhere. On the smaller side, this gives you the flexibility to carry it. Solar driven power is what we love because it is energy efficient and will only save you lots of money. 


  • Excellent ventilation for pets, greenhouse, and camping needs. 
  • Provides the cleanest of air with renewable energy
  • Portable design, comes with a small fan and carryable solar panel
  • Waterproof  solar panel, thus water splash won’t be a problem
  • It has a low noise fan function
  • Suitable for outdoor environment


  • Wall mounting is not available, has a standing fan design
  • Won’t work with precision if the sunlight is low
  • The fan is not waterproof, caution must be taken when kept outdoors

3. CoolerGuys 10W Solar Powered Dual Fan Kit

51zHhSC1T7S. SL500

Looking for a multipurpose solar fan to keep the humidity in check? Well, CoolerGuys fan kit is a wall-mounted design. It can be set up on various indoor structures. Starting from chicken coops, dog houses, agriculture environments, sheds, and others.

With an airflow rate of 138 CFM, it provides a viable circulation and a low noise rate of just 34dB. Comes with IP67 rated fan that is water-resistant, and the IP55 rated solar panels are durable for any weather condition. 

It is long-lasting and durable, guaranteed by the manufacturer. You are likely to get service for more than seven years. Runs with a 12V regulator onto a barrel connector set the panel. It can be used for multiple purposes.

We are fond of this machine for its functionality and energy-efficient aspect of it. It produces very little noise, keeps your indoor shed or chicken coop vell ventilated, and controls the humidity with ease. 


  • Adequate air circulation, covers an area of up to 414 cubic feet
  • Reusable Solar panel works with different barrels
  • Great longevity,  gives up to 67000 hours of run time
  • Weatherproof design. IP55 and IP67 feature makes weather resistant
  • Circulates the air better with a high-speed fan
  • Padded framing resists shocks and vibration 


  • Doesn’t work in cloudy environment due to lack of sunlight
  • More like a computer fan, not ideal for large greenhouses

4. ECO-WORTHY 30W Solar Attic Fan

51vEUeUtdTL. SL500

Eco Worthy attic fan is a stellar vent fan for poultry houses and home indoor facilities. The plug-and-play installation makes it easy to maneuver and use wherever needed.

Removing heat has never been easier. It comes with a second-generation 25w dc motor fan and a set of foldable 30w panels. Surprisingly it has a battery back up too. 

The panel comes with mounting brackets that allow you to set this up in a wall mount or roof surface. This piece of gadget is extremely workable in poultry farms to bring down the temperature and gives the chicken a breathing room with top-of-the-line ventilation. 

With a solar-generated power system, your electricity bills won’t be peaking up any time soon. It’s safe to say that you are positively contributing to the environment by using renewable energy.

This is within our handpicked item because of the serviceability. It is a workhorse in terms of eliminating hot air and giving a cooler environment.


  • Foldable solar panel gives it the flexibility
  • Highly efficient fan to maintain a cool temperature
  • Fast installation with plug and play feature
  • Works on coops, doghouse, agriculture setup, etc
  • Water-resistant connectors to ensure safety
  • Energy-saving due to solar power capability
  • Limits your electricity working on solar energy


  • No instruction manual is provided
  • Installation can be a hassle. Treads, brackets and screws need customisation
  • Might require an extra solar panel to work after dark

5. iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

51t7DaPpBFL. SL500

To cool down hot temperatures and have effective air circulation, the iPower exhaust fan is one of a kind. It is different from the ones we talked about previously. This one doesn’t rely on solar power and has an external power source to work with.

This can be set up in a window frame and mounted on the wall, depending on your need. The ½ horsepower ball-bearing motor fan is worth the hype. It terminates friction, produces less noise, and lasts longer. 

When it comes to efficiency, it cools faster with 1620 rotations per minute and spreads up to 940 CFM. It’s all worth it. 120v and 65w sources are decent enough to produce the goods. 

It is one of our top choices when it comes to wall-mounted vent fans. The rustproof aluminum shutter design makes sure it can run through any weather and last longer than other fans. The bare wire is there for customization and easily fits on barns, sheds, and greenhouses.


  • Improved wind speed due to large fan blades
  • Corrosion resistant body frame
  • Vents out odor, heat, and moisture at ease
  • Attachable on windows and walls
  • Can be connected to external outlets with the bare wire
  • Automated gravity shutters keeps insects at bay
  • Ideal for barns, greenhouse, chicken coop and others


  • Time-consuming installation because of the small workbox
  • Does Not include a solar panel

6. ShareTime Solar Powered Fan

41iYvzoCsTL. SL500

Say goodbye to hot days by installing this excellent device to cover a decent floor space. Take, for example, chicken coops, greenhouses, and indoor pet homes. You can also install this versatile device on your touring cars and RVs. 

It is a USB cooling unit that is very portable and usable on the go. Installation is a cakewalk, simply connect the USB wire from the fan to the solar panel end, and you are good to go.

It is small but packs a punch. Most importantly it is energy-saving and doesn’t contribute to gas emissions. Being on the environmentally friendly side, this unit is very silent as well. When running, you will hardly hear any distracting fan blade rotating sound.

Our verdict on this product is that if you are conscious about the environmental issues and looking for a cooling fan that will aid nature and not harm it, THIS FAN IS IT. Highly functional on multi-purposes. It beneficially keeps out stench and smell from the indoor environment.


  • Ventilates pet houses, greenhouse, touring cars and camping areas
  • Keeps a comfortable temperature through and through
  • Solar-powered device to save energy
  • Small size, gives it the portability to carry around
  • Makes zero noise due to top quality framing and fan blades
  • Money-back guarantee from the manufacturer


  • Not chargeable. It will dim or go off in absence of sunlight
  • No on-off switch, so it has to be turned off directly

7. Pumplus Solar Attic Fan 

If you desire to invest in a hard-wearing and long-lasting solar-powered exhaust fan for your chicken coop or any other indoor floor space. Get the Pumpplus fan, and you won’t be disappointed. 

It comes with a monocrystalline 60-watt solar panel that is extremely productive in terms of generating electricity from sunlight. The fan comes in one piece and has four screw holes for convenient mounting on any wall surface.

This unit is a multi-purpose workhorse. It can be installed in the attic to keep your interior cooler in hot temperatures. You can fix this in the chicken coop and let your farmed animals breathe fresh air and stay healthy all time. 

Our opinion? Well, it is extremely serviceable no matter where you put it. The battery power generated from the solar rays will keep the device running for a longer time. Saving your electricity bills and keeping the air circulation to the optimum. 


  • Converts solar power to electricity, no external power is needed
  • Environmentally friendly and saves electricity bills
  • Attachable on walls using expansion screws
  • Works well on greenhouses, garages, pet houses, etc.
  • Eliminates humidity using the top-notch fan function
  • Curbs down ice buildup during winter


  • Setting up can be tricky as there is no instruction manual
  • Irregular fan speed, turns on-off frequently

What to Look for Before Buying?

To get the best out of your cooling fan, there are a few basic aspects that you must consider before buying. To help you out, we have this buyer’s guide prepped to help you get hold of the best fan for chicken coop. Let’s check it out.

Brand Value

When it comes to exhaust fans, an unknown product might not circulate air beneficially. You should buy the ones that have a reliable brand value, like the CoolerGuys unit.

Amazon has an abundance of fans out there, let us assure you that, all that glitters is not gold. So it’s better to seek quality products. Always opt for brands that give authentic customer service no matter what. 


This is the most intricate part, well not for all kinds of devices. For instance, if you purchase an iPower exhaust fan, it will be time killing to set it up with the bare wire and small box opening on the back, but not impossible.

On the other hand, the likes of ZUZZEE and some others are super easy to put up using a simple USB interface that connects the panel and fan within a flash.

Air Flow

Another key benchmark for attaining the best fan is its airflow. The better the airflow along with surface area coverage. The faster it will dissipate heat in hot climate, and keep the chicken house cool in extreme conditions.

For example, the iPower chicken coop fan ventilation in our list has a coverage of 940 cubic feet per minute and a fan rotation of 1620 RPM, which is adequate and powerful to provide optimum circulation.


There are different kinds of fans out there with varying functionality, like iPower it’s a wall-mounted device that has bare wire for customization, you can either back it up with batteries, home electrical output, or wire it on a solar panel.

But the likes of EcoWorthy fan works differently, they work relying on solar energy converted to electrical energy, which is more energy-saving and eco-friendly.


You don’t want to be irritated by the buzzing noise of the fan and motor. It is not pleasant for the live animals as well. So a low noise cooling fan is what you need. Check out the SEDDEX solar fan if you need a quiet and operative exhaust machine.


Last but not least, get hold of a fan that needs zero to minimal maintenance. You will be perplexed if the fan needs inspection and tweaking too often. Set up something that can run for ages without maintenance.

Buy something lightweight, made of environment-friendly materials to withstand wind, water, cold air due to low temperature, and other hazards so that you don’t have to fix it too often. For example, Pumplus fan in the list above.

Types of Fan for Chicken Coop

Well, there are various chicken coop ventilation ideas. We will be breaking down some different models and letting you know what separates one another.

Solar Powered Fan

Solar-powered chicken coop fan is smaller in comparison to fans that require external power outlets. These fans work utilizing the sunlight. It transfers solar energy to electrical energy. This is more eco-friendly and emits no gas to the surroundings.

To save your expenses on electricity bills, this type of fan is a great choice. It can be installed in chicken coops, greenhouses, and barns. You can also carry such items on your camping and touring endeavors.

AC Powered Unit

Fans with AC outlets work using 110 volts to 120-volt power. Household outlets have AC output. It can catapult a motor with more power compared to solar fans. AC-powered exhaust fans are bigger and are installed in spacious indoor environments like garages, warehouses, and bigger farms.

USB Powered Products

USB fans use a USB outlet, adapters/cords that straightly connect to the solar panel. These are very handy and portable and can be installed in no time. It can function with low power of 12 V and still rotate at a decent speed. These are mostly used to ventilate small chicken coops dog houses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it feasible buying an exhaust fan for a chicken coop?

It is an advantage to have a cooling/exhaust fan installed in the housing where your chicken flock dwells.

Some would go against it to save money, but it is best to have one installed to make sure the strong stench is eliminated, and the air quality of the interior is always circulating and keep providing fresh air.

Exhausts simply keep the surrounding cooler and restrict humidity in hot weather and dampness in cool weather.

What type of fan is best for my chicken coop?

It depends on the sizing of your storage. If the surface area of the coop is very large, then you will need an AC-powered exhaust. If you are working with smaller coops, dog houses, sheds, or barns, you can either go with the bigger solar-powered fans or the USB-powered cooling fans.

What are the benefits of solar-powered vent fans?

The answer is simple, it gives you clean fresh air and works on renewable energy. In the long run, it will cut out your electricity expenses. Solar-powered fans are eco-friendly with no greenhouse emission after setting up, plus it doesn’t rely on fossil fuel. 

How much ventilation is necessary for a chicken coop?

Basically in winter, a coop requires 3 to 4 feet of ventilation, covering the pop door. In summer, it’s best to have as many venting options (windows, doors, exhaust fans) for the live animals. It is hard to judge the correct number of vents. It depends on the sizing of your chickens’ living space.

Is it necessary to have windows in a chicken coop?

Absolutely yes! Chickens are light-sensitive and will depend on light to move around, and most importantly the sunlight during the day helps them in molting and laying eggs inside the poultry house. So it’s important to have a strategic window placing to ensure direct sunlight throughout the floor space.

Final Words

Don’t let your chickens suffer due to poor air quality inside the housing. It is vital to have a top-notch ventilation system to maintain a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, in this writeup, we have mentioned the best fan for chicken coop to keep your two-legged farmed animals safe and healthy in all weather conditions.

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