Best Egg Skelter Reviews & Buying Guide of 2021

How often we find ourselves forgetting which eggs were fresh and which were from the last batch? Then, this results in us using whichever eggs come first and more often than not some eggs turn stale because of this. 

Luckily, there is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to this problem. 

Egg Skelter was first introduced some time ago by a loving husband who wanted a thoughtful gift for his wife. She loved it and then their friends asked for him to make them egg Skelters as well. The novel idea turned into a practical solution that many people around the globe saw useful and wanted to have it. 

Today on the market there are plenty of egg skelter options to choose from that offer practical segregation of your eggs, and that choice can become somewhat overwhelming. 

Egg skelters offer a practical solution and can help you run your home in a more smooth and efficient way. Egg skelters are becoming more popular with each day and it is important to be able to select the right one. With good and extensive research on the egg skelters in the market, we have done that part of the job for you.

The egg skelter will help you store eggs in an easily accessible way, starting from the oldest at the bottom to the freshly put eggs at the top. This will dramatically reduce the risk of spoiled eggs and food waste. 

To help you select the best egg skelter we decided to test them and compile a list of the top ones available. 

ImagesProducts NameOur RatingPrice
51Ngnn1dIDL. SL751. Egg Skelter Deluxe in Silver​4.8/5Check Price
41Mwvkk2K2L. SL752. Spiral Metal Egg Skelter in Black ​4.8/5Check Price
41veJe64C6L. SL753. KKY Spiral Metal Egg Skelter in Red​4.5/5Check Price
51FSpiYVWEL. SL754. Harris Farms Egg Skelter in Black​4.3/5Check Price
516JTOi8zLL. SL755. Yontree Spiraling Egg Skelter in Black ​4.1/5Check Price

With nearly 900 five-star reviews, this egg skelter is one of the best out there. It boasts with a durable steel frame that has passed the test of time and left many users impressed. 

Please see the list of specifications below: 

  • Maximum capacity up to 24 eggs
  • Sturdy steel material that will not rust
  • Modern design to fit any kitchen 
  • Available in silver color
  • Dimensions 7. 50″ X 7. 50″ X 10. 63” 

This egg skelter is lightweight and compact in size. It can fit on your kitchen counter and improve the design feel of your kitchen cabinets as it can work well with more modern kitchens as well looks good with rustic designs. 

According to the customer reviews, this egg skelter is a perfect addition to the kitchen and works as a great egg display. The eggs roll all the way down very nicely. You won’t have to worry if you often have eggs varying in size as this egg skelter can work just as well with different sized eggs. 

2. Spiral Metal Egg Skelter in Black

Black and sleek, designed to fit on your kitchen counter and further compliment the kitchen. Thus egg skelter can hold up to three dozen eggs while offering visibility and easy access.  

Please see the list of specifications below: 

  • Can hold up to 36 eggs, depending on the size 
  • 360 degrees rotation system paired with a non-slip base covered with felt 
  • Metal construction available in black color
  • Easy access with the help of a spiral rack 
  • Offers accessibility and clutter-free design to save space and to look presentable on any surface in your kitchen
  • Size and weight: 6.89” x 6.89” x 16.14” and weighs 1.72 pounds

Regardless of whether you are raising chickens and have organic eggs that you need practical storage solutions for, or you just want your store-bought eggs to have a proper storage place that will look nice, this spiral metal egg skelter is the perfect solution. 

Customers that have purchased this metal egg skelter have come back to buy it again as a gift for their family and friends. This egg skelter makes the perfect modern solution for overcrowded countertops and everyone will love it.  

3. KKY Spiral Metal Egg Skelter in Red

If your design buds require some color, then you can consider this aesthetically pleasing, practical and sturdy egg skelter in which is available in red. A beautiful and practical design that will become the accessory of your kitchen.  

Please see the list of specifications below: 

  • A spacious design which can hold up to 24 eggs 
  • Sturdy metal construction that offers stability, practicality and durability of your egg skelter 
  • Spiral design that keeps eggs from falling off 
  • Easy access in order to use the older eggs first 
  • Size and weight: 7.1” x 7.1” x 11.41” and weighs 11.91 oz  

This egg skelter is one of the best available in the market today. It is easy to use, practical and convenient for day to day cooking. The beautiful red color will only compliment your kitchen and keep things look neat and clean. By using this egg skelter, you will always have an easy access to your eggs and you will know which one is the freshest. 

4. Harris Farms Egg Skelter in Black

This egg skelter is a practical and modern solution for people who require less egg storage. It can hold up to 18 eggs, depending on their size. It is made out of durable metal which was then coated with powder for a nice finish.

Please see the list of specifications below: 

  • Holds up to 18 eggs of any size
  • Sturdy metal construction with powder-coated metal that provides quality and durability
  • Nice finish design in black to fit with your kitchen interior
  • Size and weight: 10.6” x 7.9” x 7.9” and weight 11.7 oz

If you are looking for a modern egg skelter that will fit your kitchen perfectly, then this might be the solution for you. 

5. Yontree Spiraling Egg Skelter in Black

If you opt to buy up to a dozen eggs at a time and need a smaller egg skelter to house them, then this would be the perfect solution for you. This durable egg skelter holds from 12-20 eggs at a time.

Please see the list of specifications below: 

  • Space for 12-20 eggs depending on the size
  • Carry handle available to make the moving easier
  • Made from chrome for greater durability
  • Available in silver and black, to fit most kitchen interiors
  • Size and weight: 7″x10.2″ and weight: 1.3lb

Small and compact, this egg skelter is a great choice for small kitchens that require a practical way of using space.  

Egg Skelter Buyer Guide

Even though the above-mentioned products are really great in terms of aesthetics, compatibility and durability, we still consider it important to share a list of tips that you can refer to when shopping for your egg skelter. When following this list, you will ensure that you will be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions when purchasing an egg skelter and use your money the smart way.

What You Should Know Before Making a Purchase

Whether you are on a budget or you have some cash to spare, all five options can work within your budget. Make sure to look at an egg skelter as an investment in the long term, rather than purchasing a flimsy product that will not last you long. 

We have worked long and hard to compile a list of things for you to pay attention to when shopping for your egg skelter. This list will give you a better understanding of what to look for when in the market for an egg skelter. 

The Pros and Cons of using an Egg Skelter

There are plenty of options out there from which you can choose, however, it is important to know the main characteristics you ought to pay attention to be able to make an informed decision when shopping for your egg skelter. 

When using the egg skelter make sure to take the eggs starting at the bottom to ensure no eggs go bad. Egg skelters offer a great and practical storage solution with a design that will match the style of your home. 

With this very practical solution, the only con that we could spot is selecting an egg skelter that is designed for larger eggs only when you prefer purchasing smaller eggs. However, the products on our list offer a storage solution that will fit both smaller and bigger eggs without any dropping and breaking. Make sure that you read the description before purchasing the egg skelter of your choice to ensure you get the right one for your specific needs. 

Why the Size of an Egg Skelter Matters

With such a variety of choices, there are plenty of different sizing options available depending on your household needs. Most egg skelters out there can store starting from 12 to 36 eggs, depending on the size of the egg. It is worth mentioning that not all egg skelters are designed to store smaller eggs due to the spacing in the metal construction, and you should read the description of the product before ordering. 

The available space on your kitchen counter might determine the size of the egg skelter you want to purchase. Generally, the 12 egg skelter is much smaller and compact, and the 36 egg skelter is wider and taller as well. To make sure that you are getting an egg skelter that you can use, make sure to read the dimensions before making your order. All sellers have the sizing details mentioned in their description, but even if they don’t, shoot them a message to find out.

Color Choice

While the size matters and might be a deciding factor, egg skelters are also available in different colors. You can order your egg skelter in silver, white, red or black, however, if you have a color in mind that is not in the list, you can always send an email to the seller and ask them if they have some in their stock. 

Many sellers are considerate and want to accommodate you. You can easily fit your egg skelter in the kitchen without disturbing the look that you worked so hard on creating. Whether your kitchen is a rustic style or more contemporary with sharp edges and tech design, you can find an egg skelter version that will match your requirements. 

Remember, that an egg skelter should be a practical enhancement to your kitchen, while keeping the overall kitchen design in mind. 

Why Egg Skelter Accessibility Matters

When shopping for your egg skelter, you should consider the accessibility. Egg skelters usually come in one piece and require no assembly from your end. The size between each row is important for the eggs to slide nicely. The bottom part should be easily accessible so that you can remove the eggs whenever you need them. Before ordering your egg skelter, consider reading the sellers description, as well as look at the photos of the model from different angles with the eggs inserted inside, so that you can get a clear picture of how this particular egg skelter works. 

What You Need to Know About the Features Before Ordering Your Egg Skelter

An egg skelter can have a good design, but it is important to read the detailed product description before going for the purchase. This includes capacity, dimensions, color, and material. The first three topics were already covered above, however, it is worth pointing out that the material out of which the egg skelter is made can have a huge impact on the durability of the product. Depending on the climate you live in, you can choose between stainless steel or metal with powder coating. 

Our Final Take on Whether You Need an Egg Skelter or Not

We have already covered all ground that you need to consider when making a purchase, however, the final thought in the matter would be that – yes, everyone needs an egg skelter in their kitchen. 

And why not? It offers a practical solution, you can move it anywhere and a nicely designed egg skelter can be used as a dinner party centrepiece that will hold boiled eggs. 

Customer testimonials can give you an additional hint when you will do your shopping, so make sure you take your time and read a few. 

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